Thursday, September 26, 2019

Your Daily Reprieve 09.27.19

Your Daily Reprieve for Friday  September  27, 2019

From Waynesville, NC

“You will never reach your destination
if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”
~Winston Churchill

"How then can we let our wills dominate our impulses? The key word is wait.
Whatever happens, we must put some space
between the hostile act directed toward us and our response.
We must distance ourselves, take time to think, talk it over with friends,
and wait until we are ready to respond in a life-giving way.
Impulsive responses allow evil to master us,
something we always will regret."
 - Henri Nouwen  (thanks Scott L.)

AA is a save your life program not a save your wife program
(heard at the Alano Club in Charlevoix, Michigan)

"Life isn't as serious as my mind makes it out to be."
~Eckhart Tolle

Big Book Quote

"Unless ones family expresses a desire to live upon spiritual
principles we think we ought not to urge them. We should not talk
incessantly to them about spiritual matters. They will change in
time. Our behavior will convince them more than our words. We must
remember that ten or twenty years of drunkenness would make a
skeptic out of anyone".

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Into Action, pg. 83

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September 2019 Miracles

9/1 Julia C. (Dorset, UK)…..17
9/1 Billy K. (Cutchogue, NY)…..19
9/1 George M. (Scottsdale, AZ)…..35
9/1 Richie S. (Plainview, NY)…..28
9/1 Craig G. ()…..26
9/1 Patrick C. (Middlesex, NJ)…..33
9/2 Jim H. (Isle of Lewis, UK)…..7
9/3 Edward H. (Andover, MA)…..36
9/4 LeeAnn N. (New York, NY)…..7
9/4 David F. (New York, NY)…..6
9/5 Chris L. (Bristol, RI)…..31
9/5 James l. ()…..27
9/6 Lisa L. (Stuart, FL)…..10
9/7 Christine L. (Exeter, NH)…..32
9/7 George D. (Port Salerno, FL)…..35
9/7 Robert M. (Guam)…..31
9/7 April/Ginger C. (Hillsdale, NJ) 7
9/8 Javier M. (London, UK)…..2
9/8 Carol Ann B. (Bedminster, NJ)…..23
9/9 Julie K. (Portsmouth, OH)…..18
9/9 Kris K. (New York, NY)…..34
9/10 Kevin D. (Nantucket, MA)…..30
9/10 Sue B. (Haiku, H8I)…..
9/10 Brian O. (Cushendall, Ireland)…..30
9/11 Steve F. (Nyack, NY)…..36
9/11 Deck H. (Oldwick, NJ)…..33
9/12 Sherri C. (Starke, FL)…..1
9/12 Phil C. (Austin, TX)…..9
9/12 Joe C. (Palm Coast/Waynesville)…..29
9/13 Lisa N. (Paramus, NJ)…..8
9/14 Teresa T. (Orlando, FL)…..2
9/14 Linda B. (Port St. Lucie, FL)…..5
9/15 Hillary A. (New York, NY)…..2
9/15 Alicia S. (Albany, NY)…..2
9/15 Stanley R. (Grand Rapids, MN)…..40
9/15 Sue B. (Montpelier, VT/Gulfport, FL)…..6
9/16 Heidi L. (Waynesville, NC)…..13
9/17 Leslie N. (Cassilis, NB, Canada)…..21
9/17 Maureen B. (Plymouth, MA)…..44
9/17 Jim W. (Methuen, MA)…..42
9/18  Jim H. (Houston, TX)…..9
9/18 George P. (London, England)…..34
9/19 John A. (Gainseville, GA)…..8
9/19 Diana D. (Newport, RI)…..25
9/19 Elaina C. (NYC, NY)…..8
9/20 Donald P. (Rockland, ME)…..24
9/20 Paul T. (Hobe Sound, FL)…..8
9/20 Dawn D. (New York, NY)…..10
9/20 Linda K. (Toronto/Port Charlotte, FL)…..7
9/21 Lisa O. (Roundhill, VA)…..5
9/21 Paul W. (Byfield, MA)…..26
9/21 Beth G. (Los Angeles, CA)…..40
9/21 John P. (Basking Ridge, NJ)…..4
9/22 Peter H. (Nantucket, MA)…..20
9/23 David A. (New York City, NY)…..18
9/23 Rick B. (Stowe, VT)…..27
9/23 Bill G. (Marblehead, MA)…..34
9/24 Larry C. (Davenport, FL)…..29
9/24 Adam T. (Hastings-on-Hudson, NY)…..34
9/24 Katie S. (New Vernon, NJ)…..19
9/24 Tim B. (Raleigh, NC)…..14
9/25 Cate M. (Weaverville, NC)…..37
9/25 Mary D. (New Rochelle, NY)…..2
9/26 Ari B. (New York, NY)…..1
9/27 Sheila C. (Falmouth, MA)…..5
9/27 Sarah M. D. (NJ)…..2
9/28 Paul W. (Springfield, NJ)…..30
9/28 Scott B. (Epping, NH)…..23
9/28 June T. (Palm Desert, CA/Nantucket,MA)…..13
9/29 Judy F. (Nantucket/ Marathon, FL)…..27
9/29 Joan F. (Westhampton, NY/PBG, FL)…..9
9/30 Shannon L. (Garfield, NJ)…..2
9/30 Sheree H. (Bellevue, WA)…..5
9/30 Dominick N. (NY)…..37

1377 Total Years of Sobriety


Tradition Ten - "Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the A.A. name ought never be drawn into public controversy."

Maybe this sounds as though the alcoholics in A.A. had suddenly gone peaceable, and become one great big happy family. Of course, this isn't so at all. Human beings that we are, we squabble. Before we leveled off a bit, A.A. looked more like one prodigious squabble than anything else, at least on the surface. A corporation director who had just voted a company expenditure of a hundred thousand dollars would appear at an A.A. business meeting and blow his top over an outlay of twenty-five dollars' worth of needed postage stamps. Disliking the attempt of some to manage a group, half its membership might angrily rush off to form another group more to their liking. Elders, temporarily turned Pharisee, have sulked. Bitter attacks have been directed against people suspected of mixed motives. Despite their din, our puny rows never did A.A. a particle of harm. They were just part and parcel of learning to work and live together. Let it be noted, too, that they were almost always concerned with ways to make A.A. more effective, how to do the most good for the most alcoholics.

pp. 177-178

Twenty-Four Hours

A.A. Thought For The Day

Continuing the consideration of the term "spiritual experience":
"What often takes place in a few months could seldom have been
accomplished by years of self-discipline. With few exceptions,
our members find that they have tapped an unsuspected inner
resource which they presently identify with their own conception
of a Power greater than themselves. Most of us think this
awareness of a Power greater than ourselves the essence of
spiritual experience. Some of us call it God-consciousness.
In any case, willingness, honesty, and open-mindedness are
the essentials of recovery." Have I tapped that inner resource
which can change my life?

Meditation For The Day

God's power in your life increases as your ability to understand
His grace increases. The power of God's grace is only limited by
the understanding and will of each individual. God's miracle-working
power is only limited in each individual soul by the lack of
spiritual vision of the soul. God respects free will, the right
of each person to accept or reject His miracle-working power.
Only the sincere desire of the soul gives Him the opportunity
to bestow it.

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may not limit God's power by my lack of vision.
I pray that I may keep my mind open today to His influence.

Daily Thought

(\    ~~    /)
(     \(
AA)/     )
(_ /
AA\ _)

"We learned that we had to fully concede to our innermost selves that we were alcoholics. This is the first step in recovery. The delusion that we were like other people, or presently may be, has to be smashed."
1976 AAWS, Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 17

Thought to Consider . . .

here is no such thing as being "a little bit alcoholic."


Don't Even Notice I Am Lying

Daily Reflection

When brimming with gratitude, one's heartbeat must surely
result in outgoing love, . . .

While practicing service to others, if my successes give rise
to grandiosity, I must reflect on what brought me to this
point. What has been given joyfully, with love, must be
passed on without reservation and without expectation. For
as I grow, I find that no matter how much I give with love,
I receive much more in spirit.

Pot Luck

“In our Twelve Traditions we have set our faces against nearly every trend in the outside world.

“We have denied ourselves personal government, professionalism and the right to say who our members shall be. We have abandoned do-goodism, reform and paternalism. We refuse charitable money and prefer to pay our own way. We will cooperate with practically everybody, yet we decline to marry our Society to anyone. We abstain from public controversy and will not quarrel among ourselves about those things that so rip society asunder -- religion, politics and reform. We have but one purpose: to carry the AA message to the sick alcoholic who wants it.

“We take these attitudes not at all because we claim special virtue or wisdom; we do these things because hard experience has told us that we must -- if AA is to survive in the distraught world of today.”

AA Co-Founder, Bill W., January 1955,
“Why Alcoholics Anonymous Is Anonymous”, The Language of the Heart

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A spiritual resource with practical applications to fit our daily lives.
Copyright 1975 Hazeleden Foundation

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