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Your Daily Reprieve 08.03.20




Your Daily Reprieve for Monday August 3, 2020


From Waynesville, NC



“It is very difficult to steer a parked car

and make much progress toward any destination ...

In short, I had to be going somewhere

 before I could be guided.”

~Grapevine: Rochester, NY, October 1979



We can do anything for one day. 

So, just for today, let us be unafraid of life,

unafraid of death which is the shadow of life;

unafraid to be happy, to enjoy the beautiful, to believe the best. . . .

Just for today, let us be agreeable, responsive,

cheerful, charitable;

be our best , dress our best, walk softly,

praise people for what they do, n

ot criticize them for what they cannot do. 

And if we find fault, let us forgive and forget it.   

-Joseph Fort Newton


Now and then it’s good

to pause in our pursuit of happiness

and just be happy.  



Life is tension. 

Without tension, there could be no life. 

Too little tension or too much tension

interferes with the process of life

in the same way a string of a guitar interferes

with the melody when it is either too loose or too tight.
~Bruno Geba



Big Book Quote


"Some drinkers have excuses with which they are satisfied part of the time. But in their hearts they really do not know why they do it. Once this malady has a real hold, they are a baffled lot. There is the obsession that somehow, someday, they will beat the game. But they often suspect they are down for the count."

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, There Is A Solution, pg. 23~




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August  2020 Miracles


8/1 Bill H. (Wells, ME/Melbourne Bch, FL)…..11

8/3 Dan S. (Glen Rock, NJ)…..5

8/3 Wayne G. (Sterling, IL)…..34

8/4 Christine, K. (Charlotte, NC)…..10

8/5 Mary OO. (Mountain Brook, AL)…..40

8/6 Jason J. (Maggie Valley, NC)…..8

8/6 Catherine K. (Vancouver, BC, Canada)…..7

8/7 Brandee P. ()…..1

8/7 Johnny D. (Natick, MA)…..12

8/8 Ghris G. (Palm City, FL)…..16

8/9 Debby M. (Naples, FL)…..41

8/9 Vern M. (Basking Ridge, NJ)…..20

8/11 Page H. (Amelia Island, FL)…..44

8/13 Kate (Hampton, NH)…..31

8/14 David L. ()…..15

8/14 Travis V. ()…..3

8/15 Mark S. (Austin, TX)…..3

8/16 Dan W. (NY, NY)…..5

8/16 Joanne N. (Dorset, UK)…..1

8/16 Charlotte C. (New York NY)…..11

8/17 Deborah, B. ()…..32

8/18 Carolyn D. (Palm City, FL)…..7

8/18 Melissa K. (NYC)…..13

8/18 Sherry C. (Jacksonville, FL)…..11

8/21 Mary D. (Jacksonville, FL)…..13

8/25 Helen O’B. (Bristol, UK)…..2

8/27 Mary R. (Mill Neck, NY)…..10

8/26 Johnny I. ()…..11

8/27 Stuart W. (Old Tappan, NJ)…..19

8/29 Zu J. (Vancouver, BC, Canada)…..1

8/30 Michael C. ()…..28

8/30 Chris B. (Sandwich, NH)…..28

8/30 Jeff G. (Warren, NJ)…..7

8/31 Sarah M. ()…..12




0461 Total Years of Sobriety







Tradition Three - "The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking."

This Tradition is packed with meaning. For A.A. is really saying to every serious drinker, "You are an A.A. member if you say so. You can declare yourself in; nobody can keep you out. No matter who you are, no matter how low you've gone, no matter how grave your emotional complications - even your crimes - we still can't deny you A.A. We don't want to keep you out. We aren't a bit afraid you'll harm us, never mind how twisted or violent you may be. We just want to be sure that you get the same great chance for sobriety that we've had. So you're an A.A. member the minute you declare yourself."

p. 139



Twenty-Four Hours


A.A. Thought For The Day

We in A.A. must remember that we are offering something intangible.
We are offering a psychological and spiritual program. We are not
offering a medical program. If people need medical treatment, we call
in a doctor. If they need a medical prescription, we let the doctor
prescribe for them. If they need hospital treatment, we let the hospital
take care of them. Our vital A.A. work begins when a person is
physically able to receive it. Am I willing to leave medical care to the

Meditation For The Day

Each moment of your day which you devote to this new way of life is a
gift to God. The gift of the moments. Even when your desire to serve
God is sincere, it is not an easy thing to give Him many of these
moments: the daily things you had planned to do, given up gladly so
that you can perform a good service or say a kind word. If you can see
Gods purpose in many situations, it will be easier to give Him many
moments of your day. Every situation has two interpretations -- your
own and God's. Try to handle each situation in the way you believe
God would have it handled.

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may make my day count somewhat for God. I pray that I
may not spend it all selfishly.

Daily Thought

(\    ~~    /)
(     \(
AA)/     )
(_ /
AA\ _)


"I had no problem admitting I was powerless over alcohol, and I certainly agreed that my life had become unmanageable. I had only to reflect on the contrast between the plans I made so many years ago for my life with what really happened to know I couldn't manage my life drunk or sober. A.A. taught me that willingness to believe was enough for a beginning." 
1976 AAWS, Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 550

Thought to Consider . . .

ife didn't end when I got sober . . . it started.


Sobriety Loses Its Priority

Daily Reflection




Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maximum

service to God and the people about us.



It is clear that God's plan for me is expressed through love.

God loved me enough to take me from alleys and jails so

that I could be made a useful participant in His world. My

response is to love all of His children through service and

by example. I ask God to help me imitate His love for me

through my love for others.



Pot Luck  


"The problem with isolating is that you get such bad advice."


By the end of my drinking, I was all alone. Unlike some of the stories I hear about people drinking in bars, I preferred to drink alone in my home. My friends were gone, my family wasn’t inviting me over, and it was just me and my alcohol. After months of listening to my own best thinking, I had run out of options and was at the end of my rope. By some miracle, I was able to reach out for help, and my journey in recovery began.

While I have worked the Twelve Steps several times over the years and labored hard to turn my character defects over to God, I still find that my default mode is to isolate. I stay in, turn off my phone, and binge-watch movies I’ve seen a hundred times. When I do, I am cut off from others and from my Higher Power, and that’s when my best alcoholic thinking starts again. What I’ve learned is that it never has anything good to say.

Today, I do the things I learned to do early in sobriety to keep from isolating: I have a sponsor, I get commitments at meetings, and I say yes when asked to participate. I also answer the phone these days and am willing to help another. In other words, I continue to take contrary action because, as they say, “An alcoholic’s best thinking treats loneliness with isolating.” And when I’m isolating, the advice I get is all bad.




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