Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Your Daily Reprieve 07.15.20

Your Daily Reprieve for Wednesday July 15, 2020

From Waynesville, NC

Anything that hurts you can teach you,
and if it keeps hurting you,
it’s because you haven't learned

“If we follow our Traditions, we will survive and, I hope, grow.
The Traditions tell us to serve—not govern;
to attract—not promote; to carry the message—not force it on anyone;
to keep the three legacies alive: recovery, unity, and service.
These are our lifelines.”
~Grapevine: Raleigh, North Carolina, January 200

"Twenty years from now
you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do
than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover!"
~Mark Twain

The person who risks nothing, does nothing,
has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing.
He may avoid suffering and sorrow,
but he simply cannot learn and feel and change
and grow and love and live…
~Leo Buscaglia

Big Book Quote

"So our troubles, we think, are basically of our own making. They arise out of ourselves, and the alcoholic is an extreme example of self-will run riot, though he usually doesn't think so."

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, How It Works, pg. 62~

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6/10 (mo/day)
Bob S
Akron, OH

It will look like this :
6/10 Bob S. (Akron, OH).....84

July  2020 Miracles

7/1 Jean L. (Morristown, NJ)……25
7/1 Ida L. (Jensen Beach, FL)…..12
7/1 Matt S. (Chicago, IL)…..2
7/2 Craig C. (Eureka, CA)…..12
7/2 Allison M. (Panama)…..26
7/4 Deanne L. ()…..3
7/4 Gary G. (Utah/NH)…..31
7/4 Chris D. (Bristol, VT)…..32
7/4 Jim M. (Waynesville, NC)…..30
7/4 Walter L. (Wells, MA)…..12
7/4 Elizabeth S. (Apopka, FL)…..5
7/4 Sanford M. (Apopka, FL)…..5
7/4 Judy R. (Stuart, FL)…..16
7/4 Rob F. (Mineola, NY)…..16
7/4 Dave S. (Gulf Breeze, FL)…..35
7/5 Michelle W. (NYC, NY)…..9
7/5 Theresa D. (Muskego, WI)…..10
7/5 Wes P. (Silver Lake, OH)…..7
7/6 Brian S. (Boston/Nantucket)…..30
7/6 Frances G. (Dallas, TX)…..33
7/6 Don T. (Plymouth, MA)…..25
7/6 Ron L. (Amesbury, MA)…..34
7/7 Melissa T. (Port St John, FL)…..2
7/7 Pascale E. (Tampa, FL/MA&NH)…..4
7/7 Susan M. (Palm City, FL)…..13
7/7 Susan G. (Portland, OR)…..13
7/8 Brendan S. (Boston, MA)….3
7/8 Dustin G. (Eureka, CA)…..3
7/8 Damian D, (New York, NY)…..6
7/9 Dave S. (Commack, NY)…..5
7/10 Richie S. (NY)…..45
7/10 Bill B. (Scituate, MA)…..3
7/10 Laura A. (Columbus, OH)…..3
7/10 Richie S. (New Palz, NY)…..45
7/10 Kendall H. (Key Largo, FL)…..2
7/11 Joanie T. (NYC, NY)…..37
7/11 Alicia A. (Pittsburgh, PA)…..25
7/12 Dena G. ()…..2
7/12 Jan K. (Punta Gorda, FL)…..22
7/13 Dan K. (Cleveland, OH)…..36
7/13 Big Book Paul ()…..23
7/13 Diana H. (Scottsdale, AZ)…..4
7/13 Eleanor M. (Far Hills, NJ)…..8
7/13 Rick S. (Victor, ID)…..30
7/14 Petermac (Coolangatta, Australia)…..21
7/15 Dave L. ()…..3
7/15 Stacey Z. ()…..1
7/15 Michelle A. (New Hyde Park, NY)…..16
7/15 Don D. (Port Jefferson, NY)…..10
7/16 Jack S. (Franklin Sq. , NY)…..25
7/17 Bob B. (Dracut, MA)…..58
7/17 Damian D. (Bloomington, IN)…..30
7/17 Max N. (Newport, RI)…..3
7/19 Tara W. (Lititz, PA)…..32
7/19 Murielle I. (Richmond, BC , Canada)…..15
7/21 Andy B. (Seacoast , NH)…..16
7/22 Eddie B. (Burlington, VT)…..36
7/22 Sandy ()…..3
7/23 Sue S. (Randolph, NJ)…..37
7/23 (Miami Beach/Stowe, VT)…..14
7/23 Jamie G. (Louisville, KY/WPB, FL)…..3
7/24 Krista A. (Charlotte, NC)…..14
7/24 Mike Chase E. ()…..14
7/24 Chris F. (Princeton, NJ)…..34
7/24 Ric R. (Danbury, CT)…..11
7/26 Travis F. (St Cloud, FL)…..2
7/27 David M. (San Francisco, CA)…..15
7/27 Don K. (Bedminster, NJ)…..33
7/27 Janie M. ()…..39
7/27 Noel C. (Paradise Valley, AZ)…..37
7/27 Mark L. (Lamoine, ME)…..28
7/27 Tammy C. (Palm Coast, FL)…..21
7/27 Chris K. (NYC, NY)…..14
7/28 Chris F. (Princeton, NJ)…..36
7/28 JDK (Newport, RI)…..12
7/28 Tom L. (Hampton, NH)…..5
7/28 Cindy H. (Belleville, IL)…..31
7/29 Kevin T. (Clearwater, FL)…..36
7/29 Linda WS. (Oberlin, OH)…..36
7/29 Judy F. (Whitinsville, MA)…..29
7/29 Judy F. (MA)…..29
7/29 Mark G. (Randolph, NJ)……7
7/31 Marcia M. New York, NY)…..33

1550 Total Years of Sobriety


Tradition One - "Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon A.A. Unity."

"Does this mean," some will anxiously ask, "that in A.A. the individual doesn't count for much? Is he to be dominated by his group and swallowed up in it?"
We may certainly answer this question with a loud "No!" We believe there isn't a fellowship on earth which lavishes more devoted care upon its individual members; surely there is none which more jealously guards the individual's right to think, talk, and act as he wishes. No A.A. can compel another to do anything; nobody can be punished or expelled. Our Twelve Steps to recovery are suggestions; the Twelve Traditions which guarantee A.A.'s unity contain not a single "Don't." They repeatedly say "We ought . . ." but never "You must!"

p. 129

Twenty-Four Hours

A.A. Thought For The Day

After we had sobered up through the A.A. program,
we gradually began to get a peace of mind and serenity
which we never thought were possible.
This peace of mind is based on a feeling that fundamentally all is well.
That does not mean that all is well on the surface of things.
Little things can keep going wrong and big things can keep on upsetting us.
But deep down in our hearts we know that everything is eventually going to be all right,
 now that we are living sober lives. Have I achieved a deep down, inner calm?

Meditation For The Day

You are climbing up the ladder of life, which reaches into eternity.
Would God plant your feet upon an insecure ladder?
Its supports may be out of sight, hidden in secret places,
but if God has asked you to step on and up firmly,
then surely He has secured your ladder.
Faith gives you the strength to climb steadily this ladder of life.
You should leave your security to God and trust Him not to let you fall.
He is there to give you all the power you need to keep on climbing.

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may climb the ladder of life without fear.
I pray that I may progress steadily through the rest of my life
 with faith and confidence.

Daily Thought
(\    ~~    /)
(     \(
AA)/     )
(_ /
AA\ _)

"We surrender to win. On the face of it, surrendering certainly does not seem like winning. But it is in A.A. Only after we have come to the end of our rope, hit a stone wall in some aspect of our lives beyond which we can go no further; only when we hit 'bottom' in despair and surrender, can we accomplish sobriety which we could never accomplish before. We must, and we do, surrender in order to win."
Alcoholics Anonymous, 2nd Edition, p. 341

Thought to Consider . . .

cceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgment of the facts of a situation, then deciding what you're going to do about it.

Living Our Valuable Experiences

Daily Reflection

For thousands of years we have been demanding more than
our share of security, prestige, and romance. When we
seemed to be succeeding, we drank to dream still greater
dreams. When we were frustrated, even in part, we drank
for oblivion. Never was there enough of what we thought
we wanted.
In all these strivings, so many of them well-intentioned,
our crippling handicap had been our lack of humility. We
had lacked the perspective to see that character-building
and spiritual values had to come first, and that material
satisfactions were not the purpose of living.

Time and again I approached the Seventh Step, only to fall
back and regroup. Something was missing and the impact
of the Step escaped me. What had I overlooked? A single
word: read but ignored, the foundation of all the Steps,
indeed the entire Alcoholics Anonymous program—that
word is "humbly."
I understood my shortcomings: I constantly put tasks
off; I angered easily; I felt too much self-pity; and I
thought, why me? Then I remembered, "Pride goeth before
the fall," and I eliminated pride from my life.

Pot Luck  

Accepting Change

          For most of  us alcoholics any sort of change is difficult, often threatening.

               We want he world to be as we expect it to be. Solid. Steady. We want to get up in the morning with our day in place. Predictable. Reassuring. If there is a question anywhere in our day, say an appointment that may or may not come of, we will nag at that question either till we get it settled or, most likely until it unsettles us.  All day long we will be move in an otherwise smooth-flowing day with a dark cloud over our head because…
                 * We do not know.
                 * We cannot exert control.
                 * Once again, as always, we are not God.

               Because we are not God, we have to work with other  people. We have to accommodate other people into our schedules. We have to develop the ability not to make a big deal out of things, specifically the unpredictable things that other people do.

               For the good of my soul and the good of my relationships and the general good of the day, I try to welcome change. Sometimes I even cultivate change. I ask my boss what she wants me to do. I ask those close to me what they want to do. And then - it’s like jumping into the ocean - I just do it.

Stephen Beal, Editor, Stepping Stones to Recovery for Men

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