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Your Daily Reprieve 04.20.20

Your Daily Reprieve for Monday April  20, 2020

From Waynesville, NC

Where we have stopped dancing, singing,
being enchanted by stories,
or finding comfort in silence
is where we have experienced the loss of soul.
Dancing, singing, storytelling, and silence
are the four universal healing salves.
Angeles Arrien

My job is to do the stitching
... the patterns belong to God
~Don M.

One of the mysteries of life is God.
When we ask God for help, God sends people.
So, certainly if we want to get to know God better,
we must get to know God's children better,
and treat them as we want to be treated.
From the book "Wisdom, Magic and Miracles"

“I found a new definition of sanity.
It was bigger than any definition I had heard concerning Step Two,
but it was also bigger and better than my wildest imaginings.
This sanity offered serenity, a feeling of wellness or well-being,
possession of a center of balance from which to operate,
and a feeling that my place in this world was just right.”
~Grapevine: Bowie, Maryland, February 1999

Big Book Quote

"Having made our personal inventory, what shall we do about it? We have
been trying to get a new attitude, a new relationship with our Creator,
and to discover the obstacles in our path. We have admitted certain
defects; we have ascertained in a rough way what the trouble is; we
have put our finger on the weak items in our personal inventory. Now
these are about to be cast out. This requires action on our part,
which, when completed, will mean that we have admitted to God, to
ourselves, and to another human being, the exact nature of our defects.
This brings us to the Fifth Step in the program of recovery mentioned
in the preceding chapter."

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Into Action, pg. 72~

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APRIL 2020 Miracles
4/1 Jack D. Hampton, NH)…..51
4/1 Kevin B. (Godshill, UK)…..32
4/1 Cary W. (Palm City, FL)…..13
4/1 Valerie A. (Phoenix, AZ)…..2
4/1 Ron F. (Cincinnati, OH)…..43
4/1 Joyce G. (Haverhill, MA)…..32
4/1 Janie C. (Lynbrook, NY)…..30
4/1 Ray D. (Hot Springs, NC/Exeter, NH)…..34
4/1 Brian N. (Diamondhead, MS)…..7
4/1 Sherry G. (Princeton, NJ)…..32
4/2 Justin L. (Waynesville, NC)…..2
4/2 Julian M. (St. Albans, UK)…..2
4/3 Leigh A. ()…..22
4/4 Tim D. (Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica)…..9
4/4 Bob C. (Akron, OH)…..18
4/5 Mark S. (Southampton, Hants, UK)…..2
4/5 Tim F. (Hobe Sound, FL)…..31
4/6 Eugene R. (Barcelona, Spain)…..6
4/6 Nick E. (East Twickenham, UK)…..21
4/7 Mark V. (Indian Trail NC)…..5
4/7 Thorson R. (Wellington, FL)…..3
4/7 Madeleine M. (Groveland, MA)......37
4/7 Corry P. (New York)…..2
4/7 Walt C. (College Station, TX)…..6
4/7 Jane T. (Vancouver, BC)…..34
4/8 Paul K. (Akron, OH)…..16
4/8 Ashley G. (Miami, FL)…..8
4/8 Maureen K. (New Providence, NJ)…..10
4/9 Travis C. (Eureka, CA)…..1
4/9 Dayton H. (NYC, NY)…..30
4/9 Keith R. (Ixtlahaucan MX)…..1
4/9 Bobby M. (Smithtown, NY)…..5
4/10 Tony K. (Jacksonville, FL)…..3
4/10 Kevin L. (Cherry Hill, NJ)…..37
4/10 Chas T. (Aiken, SC)…..8
4/11 Diane L. (Panama City Beach, FL)…..42
4/11 Diane M. (Waynesville, NC/Jax, FL)…..12
4/11 Jeremy S. (Austin, TX)…..8
4/11 Emily W. (Astoria, NY)…..6
4/11 Jerry W. (Walker, LA)…..47
4/11 Chrissy M. (Succasunna, NJ)…..11
4/12 Kathy McQ. ()…..12
4/12 Kathleen M. (Kentucky)…..32
4/12 Lisa S. (Valley Cottage, NY)…..18
4/14 Barbara B. ()…..1
4/14 Sue B. (Waynesville, NC)…..10
4/15 Erin S. (Wayland/Nantucket MA)…..15
4/15 Kelly McG. (Edison, NJ)…..5
4/15 Larry R. (Westchester, NY)…..41
4/16 Angela S. (Dallas, TX)…..1
4/16 Lindsay P. (Minneapolis, MN)…..4
4/17 Jay M. (Cleveland. OH)…..6
4/17 Cecily T. (New York, NY)…..11
4/17 Vicky M. (Waynesville, NC)…..39
4/17 Frank T. (Rocky Point, NY)…..11
4/17 Vince K. (Palm City, FL)…..38
4/17 Rich W. (Evanston, IL)…..3
4/18 Steve Q. (Kauai, HI)…...12
4/18 Brad G. (St. Louis, MO)…..19
4/18 Liz A. (Westfield, NJ)…..9
4/19 Joanna J. (Port St. Lucie, FL)…..39
4/19 Lynn H. (Springfield, IL)…..38
4/19 Rex R. (Eureka, CA)…..6
4/21 Tom Mc. (Leesburg, FL)…..50
4/21 Elizabeth W. (The Main Line, PA)…..14
4/22 Becky S. (Knoxville, TN)…..10
4/22 Jeannie C. (Nantucket, MA)…..28
4/22 Jack C. (Conroe, TX)…..1
4/23 Dorothy V. (Placida, FL)…..16
4/23 Tom K. (Tampa FL/Canton, OH)…..25
4/23 Steve W. (Syracuse, NY/Indialantic, FL)…..15
4/24 Larry C. (Davenport, FL)…..30
4/24 Sam F. (New York City)…..2
4/24 Fran D. (Randolph, NJ)…..45
4/25 Mark S. (Port Crane, NY)…..5
4/25 Rourke H. (St Maarten, Dutch West Indies))…..21
4/26 Grainne F. (Dublin/Chaing Mai, Thailand)…..10
4/26 Margi W. ()…..3
4/26 Cliff M. (Newburyport, MA)…..10
4/27 Norma D. (Haverhill, MA).....9
4/27 Kathy C. (Princeton, NJ)…..12
4/27 Maureen (Port Charlotte, FL)…..31
4/27 Nesem G. (Basking Ridge, NJ)…..2
4/28 Brian C. (Davenport, FL)…..22
4/28 Laurie M. (new Jersey)…..35
4/28 Julie T. (Morristown, NJ)…..7
4/28 Bobby S. (South Boston, MA)…..18
4/28 Amanda S. (Newburgh, NY)…..2
4/29 Paul C. (New York/Florida)…..44
4/30 Sandra M. (Airdrie, Scotland)…..31

1596 Total Years of Sobriety


Step Ten - "Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it."

A spot-check inventory taken in the midst of such disturbances can be of very great help in quieting stormy emotions. Today's spot check finds its chief application to situations which arise in each day's march. The consideration of long-standing difficulties had better be postponed, when possible, to times deliberately set aside for that purpose. The quick inventory is aimed at our daily ups and downs, especially those where people or new events throw us off balance and tempt us to make mistakes.

pp. 90-91

Twenty-Four Hours

A.A. Thought For The Day

The satisfaction you get out of living a sober life is,
made up of a lot of little things, but they add up to a
satisfactory and happy life. You take out of life what you
put into it. So I'd say to people coming into A.A.: "Don't
worry about what life will be like without liquor. just
hang in there and a lot of good things will happen to you.
And you'll have that feeling of quiet satisfaction and peace
and serenity and gratitude for the grace of God." Is my life
becoming really worth living?

Meditation For The Day

There are two paths, one up and one down. We have been given
free will to choose either path. We are captains of our souls
to this extent only. We can choose the good or the bad. Once
we have chosen the wrong path, we go down and down, eventually
to death. But if we choose the right path, we go up and UP,
until we come to the resurrection day. On the wrong path, we
have no power for good because we do not choose to ask for it.
But on the right path, we are on the side of good and we have
all the power of God's spirit behind us.

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may be in the stream of goodness. I pray that
I may be on the right side, on the side of all good in the

Daily Thought
(\  ~~~  /)
(    \(
AA)/    )
(_ /
AA\ _)
Open Mind

"To get sober and to stay sober, all you really need is a truly open mind. Just resign from the debating society and quit bothering yourself with such deep questions as whether it was the hen or the egg that came first. Again I say, all you need is the open mind."
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 26

Thought to Consider . . .

inds are like parachutes - they won't work unless they're open.


Acceptance, Belief, Change

Daily Reflection

. . . we ask God to direct our thinking, especially asking
that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonest or self-seeking

When said sincerely, this prayer teaches me to be truly
unselfish and humble, for even in doing good deeds I often
used to seek approval and glory for myself. By examining
my motives in all that I do, I can be of service to God and
others, helping them do what they want to do. When I put
God in charge of my thinking, much needless worry is
eliminated and I believe He guides me throughout the day.
When I eliminate thoughts of self-pity, dishonesty and self-centeredness
as soon as they enter my mind, I find peace
with God, my neighbor and myself.

Pot Luck  

God Bless The Alcoholic
by Angela M.

God loves the alcoholic
For who knows mercy like he
A sensitive in this cold, hard world
He drinks spirits to be free

God bless the alcoholic
Shunned by friends and foe
Who can know what drives him
When he himself can’t know

God help the alcoholic
His thorn is his disease
Destroying things he once held dear
Is there a life for these?

God carry the alcoholic
It’s a sliding, slippery slope
Protect and guide his steps until
He finds the rooms of hope.

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