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Your Daily Reprieve 11.08.19

Your Daily Reprieve for Friday November 8, 2019

From Waynesville, NC

Sin has many tools,
but a lie is the handle that fits them all.
- Oliver Wendell Homes

"All the suffering, stress, and addiction
comes from not realizing

you already are what you are looking for."
Jon Kabat-Zinn

We are all victims of our parent's parenting.
Stop pouting about it and embrace the outcome - a uniquely formed you.
May God bless you with grace to forgive them
and may God bless you with gratitude for them. 

“Through the years, I have read thousands of books and pamphlets,
but the Big Book is still the superstar.
The love flowing from its pages encourages me
to keep the blade of my sobriety ever sharp and gleaming,
to cut through all the ignorance and terror that surround still-suffering alcoholics.”
~Grapevine: Wynberg, South Africa, March 1984

Big Book Quote

“Now we try to put spiritual principles to work in every department
of our lives. When we do that, we find it solves our problems too;
the ensuing lack of fear, worry and hurt feelings is a wonderful

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, To Wives, pg. 116~

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November 2019 Miracles

11/1 Trish H. (Brick, NJ)…..28
11/2 Liz L. (Bernardsville, NJ)…..12
11/2 Ruth H. (Brielle, NJ/Key Largo, FL)…..1
11/2 Joyce C. (Sasn Diego, CA)…..9
11/3 Katy R. (Portland, OR)…..28
11/3 MaryBeth F. (Bernardsville, NJ)…..5
11/3 Lori Z. (Milford, NH)…..21
11/4 Pat O’D. (Boston,MA)…..39
11/4 Lou L. (Smithtown, NY)…..23
11/5 Kent L. (Silverdale, WA)…..34
11/5 Donna M. (Methuen, MA)…..13
11/5 Chrissie R. (Hilton Head, SC)…..1
11/7 Leslie E. (Mamaroneck, NY)…..13
11/7 Harry D. (Hampstead, NH)…..28
11/7 Craig S. (Vero Beach, FL)…..14
11/7 Sandi A. (Bristol, UK)…..45
11/8 Brian R. (Olney, MD)…..4
11/9 Matt K. (Bernardsville, NJ)…..9
11/9 Joanne B. (Danvers, MA)…..14
11/10 Russ S. (Palm City, FL)…..34
11/10 Aaron M. (Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica)…..1
11/11 Jay D. (Danbury, CT/Stuart, FL)…..38
11/11 Lee J. (Waikiki, HI)…..30
11/12 Ray G. (Massillon, OH)…..7
11/12 Billy M. (NY, NY)…..3
11/13 Zack A. (NY, NY)…..5
11/13 Henry E. (Marlboro, MA)…..27
11/13 Paul M. (Aberystwyth, Wales)…..10
11/13 Joe J. (Ludlow, VT)…..14
11/15 Jamie G. (Seymour, CT)…..4
11/16 Monte M. (Conway, NH)…..15
11/16 Jayne W. (Algarve, Portugal)…..34
11/17 Danny K. (Astoria, NY)…..10
11/18 Alex S. (NY, NY)…..6
11/19 Eva B-E. (North Port, FL)…..21
11/19 Jarryd K. (Bridgewater, NJ)…..3
11/20 Joseph H. (Jacksonville, FL)…..1
11/22 Terry S. (Maui, HI)…..2
11/22 Brandi S. (Corpus Christi, TX)…..6
11/22 Art K. (Vernon, BC, Canada)…..26
11/23 Alan P. (West Palm Beach, FL)…..49
11/23 Elaine J. (Newport Beach, CA)…..34
11/23 Donna B. (Hampton, NH)…..39
11/23 Mark B. (Boston, MA)…..1
11/23 Colleen M. (Raleigh, NC)…..2
11/24 Ray G. (Bangor, ME)…..51
11/24 Tony da Brooklyn Buddha/Mastic Beach…..17
11/24 Karen P. (Waynesville, NC)…..31
11/24 Imogen B, (London, UK)…..16
11/25 Ronni J. (Michigan City, IN)…..23
11/26 Pam B. (Mukwonago WI/ Summerfield FL)…..35
11/29 Deleano S. (Virgin Gorda, BVI)…..7
11/30 Dave C. (Methuen, MA)…..22
11/30 Peter V. (Kittery, ME)…..39
11/30 Ted D. (Whitefish Bay, WI)…..8

0982 Total Years of Sobriety


Step One - "We admitted we were powerless over alcohol--that our lives had become unmanageable."

In A.A.'s pioneering time, none but the most desperate cases could swallow and digest this unpalatable truth. Even these "last-gaspers" often had difficulty in realizing how hopeless they actually were. But a few did, and when these laid hold of A.A. principles with all the fervor with which the drowning seize life preservers, they almost invariably got well. That is why the first edition of the book "Alcoholics Anonymous," published when our membership was small, dealt with low-bottom cases only. Many less desperate alcoholics tried A.A., but did not succeed because they could not make the admission of hopelessness.

pp. 22-23

Twenty-Four Hours

A.A. Thought For The Day

I have lost much of my inferiority complex.
I was always trying to escape from life. I did
not want to face reality. I was full of self-pity. I was constantly sorry for myself.
I tried to avoid all responsibilities.
I did not feel that I would handle the responsibilities for my
family or my work. Owing to my inferiority complex,
I was eager to be free of all responsibilities.
I wanted to drift; I wanted to be "on the beach."
A.A. showed me how to get over my feeling of inferiority.
It made me want to accept responsibility again.
Have I lost my inferiority complex?

Meditation For The Day

"One thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind,
and reaching forth unto those things that are before,
I press onward toward the goal." We should forget those things
which are behind us and press onward toward something better.
We can believe that God has forgiven us for all our past sins,
provided we are honestly trying to live today
the way we believe He wants us to live.
We can wipe clean the slate of the past.
We can start today with a clean slate and go forward
with confidence toward the goal that has been set before us.

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may drop off the load of the past.
I pray that I may start today with a light
heart and a new confidence.

Daily Thought
(\    ~~    /)
(     \(
AA)/     )
(_ /
AA\ _)


"The attainment of greater humility is the foundation principle of each of A.A.'s Twelve Steps. For without some degree of humility, no alcoholic can stay sober at all. Nearly all A.A.'s have found, too, that unless they develop much more of this precious quality than may be required just for sobriety, they still haven't much chance of becoming truly happy. Without it, they cannot live to much useful purpose, or, in adversity, be able to summon the faith that can meet any emergency."
c.1952 AAWS
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 70

Thought to Consider . . .

didn't learn humility with my head. I learned humility with my heart.


Try Relying Upon Steps and Traditions

Daily Reflection

Meditation is something which can always be further
developed. It has no boundaries, either of width or height.
Aided by such instruction and example as we can find, it is
essentially an individual adventure, something which each
one of us works out in his own way.

My spiritual growth is with God as I understand Him. With
Him I find my true inner self. Daily meditation and prayer
strengthen and renew my source of well-being. I receive
then the openness to accept all that He has to offer. With
God I have the reassurance that my journey will be as He
wants for me, and for that I am grateful to have God in my

Pot Luck


     Many of us have been trying to keep the whole world in orbit with sheer and forceful application of mental energy.

     What happens if we let go, if we stop trying to keep the world orbiting and just let it whirl? It'll keep right on whirling. It'll stay right on track with no help from us. And we'll be free and relaxed enough to enjoy our place on it.

     Control is an illusion, especially the kind of control we've been trying to exert. In fact, controlling gives other people, events, and diseases, such as alcoholism, control over us. Whatever we try to control does have control over us and our life.

I have given this control to many things and people in my life. I have never gotten the results I wanted from controlling or trying to control people. What I received for my efforts is an unmanageable life, whether that unmanageability was inside me or in external events.

     In recovery, we make a trade-off. We trade a life that we have tried to control, and we receive in return something better--a life that is manageable.

Today, I will exchange a controlled life for one that is manageable.

The Language of Letting Go

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