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Your Daily Reprieve 10.23.19

Your Daily Reprieve for Wednesday October 23, 2019

From Waynesville, NC

“As by some deep instinct,
we AAs have known from the very beginning
that we must never, no matter what the provocation,
publicly take sides in any fight, even a worthy one.”
~Grapevine: AA Co-Founder, Bill W., February 1953

Most people don't believe what you believe and they don't feel what you feel.
But it doesn't mean you have to convince them or change them.
There's only one thing you must do - love them.
May God bless you with the understanding of differences
and the good sense to know when it's okay to just let things be.

You’ll age. Hair will grey. Physical strength may dwindle. Senses may dull. Skin may wrinkle. You can’t rewind the hands of time. But, as long as your heart beats you have the chance to: strengthen your character soften your words open your heart & be who you were meant to be. ~NotMe but part of Me @softly_sighing2

"In today's rush,
we all think too much,
seek too much,
want too much
and forget about the joy of just being."
~Eckhart Tolle

Big Book Quote

“Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and the people about us.”

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Into Action, pg. 77~

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6/10 (mo/day)
Bob S
Akron, OH

It will look like this :
6/10 Bob S. (Akron, OH).....84

October 2019 Miracles

10/1 Jigar D. (Mumbai, India)…..1
10/1 Mary H. (Andover, MA)…..31
10/1 Michael B. (Fort Salonga, NY)…..14
10/1 Michael A. (Shelter Island, NY)…..9
10/1  Henry S. (Port Charlotte, FL)…..37
10/2 Armand the Chicken Man (Smithfield, RI)…..61
10/2 Dave R. (Bedminster, NJ)…..8
10/3 Chris H. (Punta Gorda, FL)…..29
10/3 Charlie E. (Chicago, IL)…..7
10/4 Mary R. (Averill Park, NY)…..22
10/4 Bev V. (Exeter, NH)…..27
10/6 Georgia H. (Kittery, ME)…..23
10/6 Anne M. (East Hampton, NY)…..15
10/6 Dick H. (Milford, MA)…..28
10/6 Russ W. (Milford, CT)…..6
10/6 Annette L. (Dothan, AL)…..27
10/6 Nancy G. (Port Orchard, WA)…..14
10/7 Donna C. (Punta Gorda, FL)…..44
10/8 Linda G. (Lake Placid, NY)…..41
10/8 Meredith R. (Brunswick, GA)…..7
10/9 Marcel B. (Memramcook, NB, Canada)…..8
10/9 Xavier F. (Greenwich, CT)…..6
10/9 Glen O. (Montague, MA)…..28
10/10 Sharon B. (Clermont, FL)…..2
10/11 Cigar Bob (Hampton Beach, NH/Cocoa Beach, FL)…..22
10/11 Ray H. (Hermitage, TN)…..9
10/11 Harriett B. (Hobe Sound, FL)…..31
10/12 Chris M. (Clark, NJ)…..32
10/12 Michael C. (Cordes Lakes, AZ)…..30
10/13 Angie T. (Dorset, UK)…..15
10/13 Don C. (Evanston, IL)…..48
10/13 Robert L. (Denver, NC)…..18
10/13 Deb B. (Jacksonville, FL)…..24
10/14 Carol H. (Glen Cove, NY)…..34
10/14 Scott S. (Brookfield, WI)…..8
10/15 Marianne M. (Hampton, NH)…..23
10/15 CJ D. (Waynesville, NC)…..41
10/17 Jim T. (Palm Coast, FL)…..10
10/17 Michele F. (Moultrie, GA)…..14
10/18 Lisa H. (Monaco & La Quinta, CA)…..10
10/19 Ray S. (Covington, LA)…..31
10/19 Don T. (National City, MI)…..19
10/20 Caroline J. (Stuart, FL)…..2
10/21 Sue T. (Flanders, NJ)…..6
10/22 Betsy H.  (Corpus Christi, TX)…..9
10/22 Doug S. (Brookfield, CT)…..29
10/23 Britton W. (Raleigh, NC)…..2
10/23 James D. (NYC, NY)…..42
10/23 Bill B. (Stratham, NH)….31
10/25 Robyn M. (Delray Beach, FL)…..30
10/25 David C. (Syracuse, NY)…..13
10/25 Keely S. (Azalea, OR)…..37
10/25 Mimi G. (NY,NY)…..10
10/25 Brittney B. (San Diego, CA)…..10
10/25 Charlie p. (Iceland)…..32
10/26 Niall H. (Dublin, Ireland)…..27
10/26 Bryce H. (NYC)…..1
10/26 Sean C. (Mamaroneck, NY)…..10
10/28 Kelly G. (Morristown, NJ)…..2
10/28 Craig B. (Memphis, TN)…..8
10/28 Diane J. (Portland, OR)…..28
10/29 LauraLea K. (Leesburg, FL)…..8
10/30 Bob H. (Barnardsville, NC)…..31
10/30 Estelle R. (New York, NY)…..43
10/31 Clint H. (Pittsburgh, PA)…..21

1342 Total Years of Sobriety



A.A.'s Twelve Traditions apply to the life of the Fellowship itself. They outline the means by which A.A. maintains its unity and relates itself to the world about it, the way it lives and grows.

p. 15

Twenty-Four Hours

A.A. Thought For The Day

I have learned how to be honest. What a relief! No more ducking or dodging. No more tall
tales. No more pretending to be what I am not. My cards are on the table, for all the
world to see. "I am what I am," as Popeye used to say in the comics. I have had an
unsavory past. I am sorry, yes. But it cannot be changed now. All that is yesterday and is
done. But now my life is an open book. Come and look at it, if you want to. I'm trying to
do the best I can. I will fail often, but I won't make excuses. I will face things as they are
and not run away. Am I really honest?

Meditation For The Day

Though it may seem a paradox, we must believe in spiritual forces which we cannot
see more than in material things which we can see, if we are going to truly live. In the
last analysis, the universe consists more of thought or mathematical formulas than it
does of matter as we understand it. Between one human being and another only
spiritual forces will suffice to keep them in harmony. These spiritual forces we know,
because we can see their results although we cannot see them. A changed life--a new
personality--results from the power of unseen spiritual forces working in us and through

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may believe in the Unseen.
I pray that I may be convinced by the results of
the Unseen which I do see.

Daily Thought
(\    ~~    /)
(     \(
AA)/     )
(_ /
AA\ _)

"We of A.A. are apt to brag of the virtues of our fellowship. Let us remember that none of these are earned virtues. We have been forced into them, to begin with, by the cruel lash of John Barleycorn. We have adopted these attitudes, these practices, this structure, not at first because we wished to but because we had to. And then, as time confirmed the seeming rightness of our basic principles, we began to conform because it was right to do so."
Bill W. c.1957 AAWS
Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, p. 224

Thought to Consider . . . 

ife didn't end when I got sober - it started

Getting It From The Steps

Daily Reflection

"Shoemaker, stick to thy last!" . . . better do one thing
supremely well than many badly. That is the central theme
of this Tradition [Five]. Around it our Society gathers in
unity. The very life of our Fellowship requires the
preservation of this principle.

The survival of A.A. depends upon unity. What would
happen if a group decided to become an employment
agency, a treatment center or a social service agency? Too
much specialization leads to no specialization, to frittering
of efforts and, finally, to decline. I have the qualifications
to share my sufferings and my way of recovery with the
newcomer. Conformity to A.A.'s primary purpose insures
the safety of the wonderful gift of sobriety, so my responsibility
is enormous. The life of millions of alcoholics
is closely tied to my competence in "carrying the message
to the still-suffering alcoholic."

Pot Luck

Keep It Simple

Just Say No.
--- Nancy Reagan

We addicts were great at saying no. Our spouse asked us to help around the house and we said no and went drinking. Friends tried to care, but we said, “No, mind your own business!” Our parents or our kids begged us to stop drinking, but we said no.

We were also ask to say yes. We always said yes when asked if we wanted to have a drink or get high. Addiction really mixed us up. When we said no, we should have said yes. And when we said yes we should have said no.

In recovery, we do things better. We say yes when others ask for help. We say yes when somebody wants to give us love. We say no to alcohol and other drugs. We finally answer yes and no the right way---the right way and at the right time for us.

Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, help me to always say yes to You, even when I’m tired or angry.

Action for the Day: In today’s inventory, I’ll ask myself if there are any ways I’m still saying no to my program and Higher Power.

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