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Your Daily Reprieve 09.25.19

Your Daily Reprieve for Wednesday September 25, 2019

From Waynesville, NC

"Don't spread yourself too thin. 
Learn to say "No" politely and quickly."

Be enthusiastic about whatever it is you do and you'll find life exciting.
May you be blessed with the winds of enthusiasm sweeping you up,
raising you up, and holding you up -closer to God.

 “A friend of mine told me about going to see the Statue of Liberty
on a field trip with his grammar school class.
He said that as they walked up the long spiral staircase,
they all held hands in a line.
He couldn't see the person at the beginning or the end of the line but he felt safe.
He knew he was connected to the rest of his schoolmates.
That's the way it is in AA.
We can't see the people at the beginning of the line or the end of the line.
But we know they're there -- and we know we're safe.”
~Grapevine: Tujunga, California, December 1997

"A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure
until he begins to blame somebody else."
--John Burroughs

Big Book Quote

"It is plain that a life which includes deep resentment leads only to
futility and unhappiness. To the precise extent that we permit
these, do we squander the hours that might have been worth while."

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, How It Works, pg. 66~

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6/10 Bob S. (Akron, OH).....84

September 2019 Miracles

9/1 Julia C. (Dorset, UK)…..17
9/1 Billy K. (Cutchogue, NY)…..19
9/1 George M. (Scottsdale, AZ)…..35
9/1 Richie S. (Plainview, NY)…..28
9/1 Craig G. ()…..26
9/1 Patrick C. (Middlesex, NJ)…..33
9/2 Jim H. (Isle of Lewis, UK)…..7
9/3 Edward H. (Andover, MA)…..36
9/4 LeeAnn N. (New York, NY)…..7
9/4 David F. (New York, NY)…..6
9/5 Chris L. (Bristol, RI)…..31
9/5 James l. ()…..27
9/6 Lisa L. (Stuart, FL)…..10
9/7 Christine L. (Exeter, NH)…..32
9/7 George D. (Port Salerno, FL)…..35
9/7 Robert M. (Guam)…..31
9/7 April/Ginger C. (Hillsdale, NJ) 7
9/8 Javier M. (London, UK)…..2
9/8 Carol Ann B. (Bedminster, NJ)…..23
9/9 Julie K. (Portsmouth, OH)…..18
9/9 Kris K. (New York, NY)…..34
9/10 Kevin D. (Nantucket, MA)…..30
9/10 Sue B. (Haiku, H8I)…..
9/10 Brian O. (Cushendall, Ireland)…..30
9/11 Steve F. (Nyack, NY)…..36
9/11 Deck H. (Oldwick, NJ)…..33
9/12 Sherri C. (Starke, FL)…..1
9/12 Phil C. (Austin, TX)…..9
9/12 Joe C. (Palm Coast/Waynesville)…..29
9/13 Lisa N. (Paramus, NJ)…..8
9/14 Teresa T. (Orlando, FL)…..2
9/14 Linda B. (Port St. Lucie, FL)…..5
9/15 Hillary A. (New York, NY)…..2
9/15 Alicia S. (Albany, NY)…..2
9/15 Stanley R. (Grand Rapids, MN)…..40
9/15 Sue B. (Montpelier, VT/Gulfport, FL)…..6
9/16 Heidi L. (Waynesville, NC)…..13
9/17 Leslie N. (Cassilis, NB, Canada)…..21
9/17 Maureen B. (Plymouth, MA)…..44
9/17 Jim W. (Methuen, MA)…..42
9/18  Jim H. (Houston, TX)…..9
9/18 George P. (London, England)…..34
9/19 John A. (Gainseville, GA)…..8
9/19 Diana D. (Newport, RI)…..25
9/19 Elaina C. (NYC, NY)…..8
9/20 Donald P. (Rockland, ME)…..24
9/20 Paul T. (Hobe Sound, FL)…..8
9/20 Dawn D. (New York, NY)…..10
9/20 Linda K. (Toronto/Port Charlotte, FL)…..7
9/21 Lisa O. (Roundhill, VA)…..5
9/21 Paul W. (Byfield, MA)…..26
9/21 Beth G. (Los Angeles, CA)…..40
9/21 John P. (Basking Ridge, NJ)…..4
9/22 Peter H. (Nantucket, MA)…..20
9/23 David A. (New York City, NY)…..18
9/23 Rick B. (Stowe, VT)…..27
9/23 Bill G. (Marblehead, MA)…..34
9/24 Larry C. (Davenport, FL)…..29
9/24 Adam T. (Hastings-on-Hudson, NY)…..34
9/24 Katie S. (New Vernon, NJ)…..19
9/24 Tim B. (Raleigh, NC)…..14
9/25 Cate M. (Weaverville, NC)…..37
9/25 Mary D. (New Rochelle, NY)…..2
9/26 Ari B. (New York, NY)…..1
9/27 Sheila C. (Falmouth, MA)…..5
9/27 Sarah M. D. (NJ)…..2
9/28 Paul W. (Springfield, NJ)…..30
9/28 Scott B. (Epping, NH)…..23
9/28 June T. (Palm Desert, CA/Nantucket,MA)…..13
9/29 Judy F. (Nantucket/ Marathon, FL)…..27
9/29 Joan F. (Westhampton, NY/PBG, FL)…..9
9/30 Shannon L. (Garfield, NJ)…..2
9/30 Sheree H. (Bellevue, WA)…..5
9/30 Dominick N. (NY)…..37

1377 Total Years of Sobriety


Tradition Ten - "Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the A.A. name ought never be drawn into public controversy."

As by some deep instinct, we A.A.'s have known from the very beginning that we must never, no matter what the provocation, publicly take sides in any fight, even a worthy one. All history affords us the spectacle of striving nations and groups finally torn asunder because they were designed for, or tempted into, controversy. Others fell apart because of sheer self-righteousness while trying to enforce upon the rest of mankind some millennium of their own specification. In our own times, we have seen millions die in political and economic wars often spurred by religious and racial difference. We live in the imminent possibility of a fresh holocaust to determine how men shall be governed, and how the products of nature and toil shall be divided among them. That is the spiritual climate in which A.A. was born, and by God's grace has nevertheless flourished.

pp. 176-177

Twenty-Four Hours

A.A. Thought For The Day

Let us consider the term "spiritual experience" as given
in Appendix II of the Big Book: "A spiritual experience
is something that brings about a personality change. By
surrendering our lives to God as we understand Him, we
are changed. The nature of this change is evident in
recovered alcoholics. This personality change is not
necessarily in the nature of a sudden and spectacular
upheaval. We do no need to acquire an immediate and
overwhelming God-consciousness followed at once by a vast
change in feeling and outlook. In most cases, the change
is gradual." Do I see a gradual and continuing change in
Meditation For The Day

"Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I
will give you rest." For rest from the care of life, you
can turn to God each day in prayer and communion. Real
relaxation and serenity comes from a deep sense of the
fundamental goodness of the universe. God's everlasting
arms are underneath all and will support you. Commune with
God, not so much for petitions to be granted as for the
rest that comes from relying on His will and His purposes
for your life. Be sure of God's strength available to you,
be conscious of His support, and wait quietly until that
true rest from God fills your being.

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may be conscious of God's support today.
I pray that I may rest safe and sure therein.

Daily Thought
(\    ~~    /)
(    \(AA)/    )
(_ /AA\ _)
/ AA \

"I know the biggest word for me in A.A. is 'honesty.' I don't believe this program would work for me if I didn't get honest with myself about everything. Honesty is the easiest word for me to understand because it is the exact opposite of what I've been doing all my life. Therefore, it would be the hardest to work on. But I will never be totally honest - that would make me perfect, and none of us can claim to be perfect. Only God is."
1976 AAWS, Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 482

Thought to Consider . . .

onesty is the absence of the intent to deceive.

Willingness, Honesty,
Open-mindedness, Must Exist

Daily Reflection

Some of us have taken very hard knocks to learn this truth:
Job or no job—wife or no wife—we simply do not stop
drinking so long as we place dependence upon other
people ahead of dependence on God.
Before coming to A.A., I always had excuses for taking a
drink: "She said . . . ," "He said "I got fired yesterday," "I
got a great job today." No area of my life could be good if I
drank again. In sobriety my life gets better each day. I must
always remember not to drink, to trust God, and to stay
active in A.A. Am I putting anything before my sobriety,
God, and A.A. today?

Pot Luck

A man's life is what his thoughts make it.
~Marcus Aurelius
How do we think about ourselves? Do we feel unattractive? Do we feel we aren't masculine enough? Do we doubt our ability to perform our roles as friends, husbands, or fathers? Such thoughts are common among men. There is no problem in having them; they are normal to some extent. But what we do with our thoughts—how we think about what we think—makes a big difference in our lives.
When we think we are odd or different from other men for feeling this way, we become more self-centered. When we don't stand up for our rights as men to have our doubts and weaknesses, we become even more weak and doubting. When we don't talk about our thoughts and feelings to other men, we become isolated and lonely. We have a right to feel insecure and to know we have weaknesses. We become stronger men by accepting our doubts. They may still cause some pain but they have lost their power to control us. Just as a repaired seam can be stronger than the original, what was our weakness becomes our strength.
Today, I accept my thoughts of weakness and self-doubt as part of life.

Today's reading is from the book Touchstones

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