Sunday, February 19, 2017

Your Daily Reprieve 02.19.17

Your Daily Reprieve for Sunday February  19,  2017

From Stuart. FL

A vast communications net now covers the earth, even to its remotest reaches ... Nothing can matter more to the future welfare of AA than the manner in which we use this colossus of communication. Used unselfishly and well, the results can surpass our present imagination. Should we handle this great instrument badly, we shall be shattered by the ego demands of our own people -- often with the best of intention on their part."~Grapevine: Bill W., November 1960

"There comes a moment in every life when the Universe presents you with an opportunity to rise to your potential. An open door that only requires the heart to walk through, seize it and hang on. The choice is never simple. It's never easy. It's not supposed to be. But those who travel this path have always looked back and realize that the test was always about the heart. ...The rest is just practice."
~Jaime Buckley

The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating.
The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and their destination.
~John Schaar

Gratitude is the vision to see that WE have been Gifted
-  Ernest Kurtz

“If you want to talk about the spiritual part of the programme, you may as well talk about the wet part of the ocean”. (thanks Diana F. Auckland, New Zealand)

Big Book Quote

"The spiritual life is not a theory. We have to live it."

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Into Action, pg. 83~

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February 2017 Anniversaries

2/1 Gilly L. (West Sussex, UK).....17
2/1 Michael S. (Budd Lake, NJ).....7
2/1 Sean D. (Ithaca, NY).....9
2/2 Brad M. (Westfield, NY).....34
2/3 Meredith T. (Santa Fe, NM).....20
2/3 Emmanuel Z. (Pensacola, FL).....3
2/4 Bob F. (Larchmont, NY).....2
2/4 Pam S. (North Hollywood, CA).....30
2/5 Jane S. (Newfound Lake, NH).....8
2/5 Maureen B. (Locust Valley, NY).....28
2/6 Vanessa G. (Stuart/Celebration/Stone Harbor).....21
2/6 Dale W. ().....10
2/6 Paul K (S.H., Ma., Cape Cod, Key Largo)...33
2/6 Michael N. (NYC, NY).....8
2/7 Lorin C. (E. Sandwich, MA).....20
2/7 Greg K. (Newburyport, MA).....3
2/7 Macs S. (Scottsdale, AZ).....29
2/7 Chick B. (Salt Lake City, UT).....17
2/8 Patti L. (Tampa, FL).....40
2/8 Greg J. (Nortport, FL).....2
2/8 Carrie T. (Oakville, Ontario, CA).....20
2/8 Shane G, (Los Angeles, CA).....6
2/9 Darlene A. (Largo, FL).....23
2/9 Jason G. (Costa Rica/British Columbia).....3
2/10 Judson G. (Fort Lauderdale/NYC).....48
2/10 Kay H. (Palmyra/Lake Monticello, VA).....28
2/10 Collette C. (Nantucket, MA).....9
2/10 Howard S. (Colonia, NJ).....3
2/11 Steve B. (Kittery/Beverly).....37
2/11 Tim S. (Charlotte, NC).....5
2/11 Kelly N. (Rockville, MD)......33
2/12 Betty P. (Valparaiso, IN).....33
2/12 Bob J. (Harrison, NY).....3
2/13 Tom B. (LaPointe, WI).....28
2/14 Richard B. (Northport, FL).....7
2/14 Dick P. (Port Char;otte, FL).....43
2/14 Danny S. (Rumson, NJ).....24
2/15 Josh D. (Bath, UK).....12
2/15 John T.   (Tortola / Westport CT.)......30
2/15 Stephen Y. (Jakarta, Indonesia).....29
2/15 Zach G. (Plymouth, MI).....7
2/15 Nancy P. (Basking Ridge, NJ).....1
2/16 Noel S. (Harrison, NY).....8
2/16 Nancy B. (Northport, FL).....34
2/16 Clarence Mc (Port Charlotte, FL).....42
2/17 Jamie R. (Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA).....2
2/17 David H. (Rye, NH).....39
2/17 James "Woody" W.  (Michigan City, In).....34
2/17 Pete R. (Basking Ridge, NJ).....6
2/17 Luke R. (Hilton Head, SC).....16
2/18 Laura S. (Jacksonville, FL).....19
2/18 Jim P. (Jacksonville, FL).....15
2/18 Mike P. (Elmont, NY).....25
2/18 Scott W. (Hopewell, NJ).....33
2/18 Allan C. (N. Andover, MA).....6
2/20 Mark P. (Port Charlotte/Venice, FL).....2
2/20 Jackie M. (Basking Ridge, NJ).....11
2/20 Amanda A. (Lyme, CT).....2
2/20 Cami M. (Minden, LA).....7
2/20 Jay S. (Palm City, FL).....6
2/21 Mike D. (Nantucket, MA0.....24
2/21 Fred D. (Port Washington, NY).....13
2/22 Marshall T. (Nantucket/Venice, FL).....19
2/22 Michael W. (Key West, FL).....10
2/22 Cyndi C. (Whitehouse, NJ).....34
2/22 Casey Q. ManchVegas NH 24yrs
2/23 Scott J. (Apple Valley, CA).....3
2/24 Betsy W. (Osprey, FL).....28
2/25 Judy S. (Los Angeles, CA).....36
2/27 Neil R. (Queens, NY).....3
2/28 Matthew M. (Pelham, NY).....7

1191 Total Years of Sobriety


Step Twelve - "Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs."

Furthermore, how shall we come to terms with seeming failure or success? Can we now accept and adjust to either without despair or pride? Can we accept poverty, sickness, loneliness, and bereavement with courage and serenity? Can we steadfastly content ourselves with the humbler, yet sometimes more durable, satisfactions when the brighter, more glittering achievements are denied us?
The A.A. answer to these questions about living is "Yes, all of these things are possible." We know this because we see monotony, pain, and even calamity turned to good use by those who keep on trying to practice A.A.'s Twelve Steps. And if these are facts of life for the many alcoholics who have recovered in A.A., they can become the facts of life for many more.

p. 112

Twenty-Four Hours

A.A. Thought For The Day

Many things we do in A.A. are in preparation for that crucial moment
when, walking down the street on a nice sunshiny day, we see a nice
cool cocktail lounge and the idea of having a drink pops into our
minds. If we've trained our minds so that we're well prepared for that
crucial moment, we won't take that first drink. In other words, if
we've done our A.A. homework well, we won't slip when temptation
comes. In preparation for that crucial moment when I'll be tempted,
will I keep in mind the fact that liquor is my enemy?

Meditation For The Day

How many of the world's prayers have gone unanswered because
those who prayed did not endure to the end? They thought it was too
late, that they must act for themselves, that God was not going to
guide them. "He that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved."
Can I endure to the very end? If so, I shall be saved. I will try to
endure with courage. If I endure, God will unlock those secret
spiritual treasures that are hidden from those who do not endure to
the end.

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may follow God's guidance, so that spiritual success shall
be mine. I pray that I may never doubt the power of God and so take
things into my own hands.

Daily Thought
(\    ~~    /)
(    \(AA)/    )
(_ /AA\ _)
/ AA \
Language of the Heart

From the beginning, communication in AA has been no ordinary transmission of helpful ideas and attitudes. It has been unusual and sometimes unique. Because of our kinship in suffering, and because our common means of deliverance are effective for ourselves only when constantly carried to others, our channels of contact have always been charged with the language of the heart.
Bill W., July 1960
c. 1988 AA Grapevine, The Language of the Heart, p. 243

Thought to Consider . . .

Walk softly and carry a Big Book.

Staying Off Booze Enjoying Recovery

Daily Reflection


In the beginning, it was four whole years before A. A.
brought permanent sobriety to even one alcoholic woman.
Like the "high bottoms," the women said they were
different; . . . The Skid-Rower said he was different . . . so
did the artists and the professional people, the rich, the
poor, the religious, the agnostic, the Indians and the
Eskimos, the veterans, and the prisoners . . . nowadays all
of these, and legions more, soberly talk about how very
much alike all of us alcoholics are when we admit that the
chips are finally down.

I cannot consider myself "different" in A. A.; if I do I
isolate myself from others and from contact with my
Higher Power. If I feel isolated in A.A., it is not something
for which others are responsible. It is something I've
created by feeling I'm "different" in some way. Today I
practice being just another alcoholic in the worldwide
Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Pot Luck

Mark Twain was a sickly child, whose father died when he was 12, whose wife rejected his first marriage proposal, and who lost three out of his four children. He had money problems and he failed multiple times. He saw war and slavery and sickness and death. But he also achieved stupendous success as a writer and traveled to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Part of the richness of his writing comes from the fact that he knew the full spectrum of human experience: he knew the worst kind of suffering alongside the greatest joys.
He wrote many of the best-remembered lines in American writing, but perhaps none contains more wisdom than his quip: “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” And this from someone who had, in fact, known a great many real troubles!
Seneca reminds us of the same idea. “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” It’s a wise point worth reflecting on. How often do we tie ourselves up in knots over imagined troubles? How often do we let anxiety and worry get the better of us? How much of our pain is real and how many of it is fear about pain that might or might not actually happen?
Don’t let worry get the best of you. Stay in the present. Stay with your actual troubles—there’s plenty there.

Van Devender Middle School                                                         918 31st St, Parkersburg, WV 26104

More Information:
Call Corey C. 304-834-5513 or Brandi B. 304-893-4018

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June 23rd, 24th, 25th 2017
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LOCATION: Watson Homestead, 9620 Dry Run Rd. Painted Post N.Y.

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