Thursday, March 2, 2017

Your Daily Reprieve 03.02.17

Your Daily Reprieve for Thursday  March    2,  2017

From Waynesville, NC

"Drinking is no longer a problem, but my thinking sure is. Writing a gratitude list puts the brakes on negative thoughts, turns me back toward the light, and helps me to see the beauty in everyday life."
 ~Grapevine: New York, N.Y., January 2006

"Happiness is a butterfly which when pursued is just out of grasp... But if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."
--Nathaniel Hawthorne

The best day of your life, hasn't happened yet.

“Sometimes our stop-doing list
needs to be bigger than our to-do list.”
 ― Patti Digh

Big Book Quote

"God will constantly disclose more to you and to us. Ask Him in your
morning meditation what you can do each day for the man who is still  sick. The answers will come, if your own house is in order. But
obviously you cannot transmit something you haven't got. See to it
that your relationship with Him is right, and great events will come
to pass for you and countless others. This is the Great Fact for us."

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, A Vision For You, pg. 164~

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MARCH 2017 Anniversaries

3/1 Erich O. (Honolulu, HI).....5
3/1 Rich W. (Astoria, NY).....2
3/1 Mike Mc. (White Plains, NY).....6
3/3 Ilene W. (Los Angeles, CA).....42
3/3 Steve H. (Middletown, NJ).....11
3/5 Tom M. (Stuart, FL/Waynesville, NC).....23
3/6 Courtney C. (Brunswick, GA).....6
3/9 Andy W. (City Island / WFMG).....30
3/12 Athol (Cardigan, PEI, CA).....7
3/13 Sue S.(Naples, FL).....5
3/14 Kay Z. (North Port, FL).....24
3/16 John S. (Boonton, NJ).....4
3/16 Billy I. (Islington, MA).....32
3/17 Dan D. (Tortola, BVI).....38
3/17 Susan C. P. (North Port, FL).....27
3/17 Nard B. (Bridgewater, NJ).....4
3/18 Shannon L. (Cardigan, PEI, CA).....1
3/19 Mike B. (Purchase, NY).....17
3/20 Carlos L. Jr. (Carolina, PR).....7
3/21 Margie W. (Sant Cruz, CA).....30
3/21 Pamela B. (New Jersey).....33
3/21 Carlos L. Sr. (Bridgeport, CT).....22
3/25 Buffy H. (Gambier, OH/Nantucket, MA).....25
3/27 Chuck L. (Key Largo, FL).....30
3/28 Tara S. (Pasadena, CA).....33
3/29 Cliff k. (Philadelphia, PA).....12

0471  Total Years of Sobriety


Step Twelve - "Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs."

This new outlook was, we learned, something especially necessary to us alcoholics. For alcoholism had been a lonely business, even though we had been surrounded by people who loved us. But when self-will had driven everybody away and our isolation had become complete, it caused us to play the big shot in cheap barrooms and then fare forth alone on the street to depend upon the charity of passersby. We were still trying to find emotional security by being dominating or dependent upon others. Even when our fortunes had not ebbed that much and we nevertheless found ourselves alone in the world, we still vainly tried to be secure by some unhealthy kind of domination or dependence. For those of us who were like that, A.A. had a very special meaning. Through it we begin to learn right relations with people who understand us; we don't have to be alone any more.

pp. 116-117

Twenty-Four Hours

A.A. Thought For The Day

Over a period of drinking years, we've proved to ourselves and to
everybody else that we can't stop drinking by our own willpower. We
have been proved helpless before the power of alcohol. So the only
way we could stop drinking was by turning to a Power greater than
ourselves. We call that Power God. The time that you really get this
program is when you get down on your knees and surrender yourself
to God, as you understand Him. Surrender means putting your life
into God's hands. Have I made a promise to God that I will try to live
the way He wants me to live?

Meditation For The Day

Spirit-power comes from communication with God in prayer and
times of quiet meditation. I must constantly seek
spirit-communication with God. This is a matter directly between me
and God. Those who seek it through the medium of the church do not
always get the joy and the wonder of spirit communication with God.
>From this communication comes life, joy, peace, and healing. Many
people do not realize the power that can come to them from direct

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may feel that God's power is mine. I pray that I may be
able to face anything through that power.

Daily Thought
(\    ~~    /)
(    \(AA)/    )
(_ /AA\ _)
/ AA \
A.A. Unity

Though many of us have had to struggle for sobriety, never yet has this Fellowship had to struggle for lost unity. Consequently, we sometimes take this one great gift for granted. We forget that, should we lose our unity, the millions of alcoholics who still "do not know" might never get their chance.
Bill W., Letter, 1949
c. 1967 AAWS, As Bill Sees It,  p. 297

Thought to Consider . . .

e can make a difference. Without you, there is no "we."


A A's-R-US
Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Unity Service

Daily Reflection


Do not be discouraged.

Few experiences are of less value to me than fast sobriety.
Too many times discouragement has been the bonus for
unrealistic expectations, not to mention self-pity or fatigue
from my wanting to change the world by the weekend.
Discouragement is a warning signal that I may have
wandered across the God line. The secret of fulfilling my
potential is in acknowledging my limitations and believing
that time is a gift, not a threat.
Hope is the key that unlocks the door of discouragement.
The program promises me that if I do not pick up
the first drink today, I will always have hope. Having come
to believe that I keep what I share, every time I encourage,
I receive courage. It is with others that, with the grace of
God and the Fellowship of A.A., I trudge the road of happy
destiny. May I always remember that the power within me
is far greater than any fear before me. May I always have
patience, for I am on the right road.

Pot Luck

"A God defined - is a God confined."

Long before recovery, and even many years into it, I had a need to understand who and what God was. I was sure that if I was "good" and acted the way I thought God wanted me to act, then I could control Him, and ultimately I would get what I wanted. I didn't know it then, but what I was trying to do was impose my will on God and make it seem like it was His will.

As you can imagine, this never worked out. The harder I tried to control people, places and things, presuming God's will was in alignment with mine, the more uncontrollable my life became, and the more I began to resent others, myself and God. It took many years for me to truly surrender my will and my life to God, but once I did I discovered a faith that went beyond understanding.

Today my faith confirms that God's will is infinitely better for me and others than I could ever imagine. By constantly affirming, "Thy will, not mine be done," I enjoy the freedom that comes from surrendering to the power and love of God. Today God is no longer confined by my need to define Him, and as a result I get to be a witness to His miracles as they unfold around me.

MARCH 10-12, 2017
Marywood Retreat Center
323 Marywood Drive Jacksonville, FL 32259

Contact: Thomas Page
 (904) 803-8636

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams 
11th Annual Women’s AA Retreat
“A Journey Through the Steps”

When:   Saturday, April 29, 2017, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm 
Cost: Simple 7th Tradition Basket for Donation before each meeting

What to Bring:   An Open Mind, A Covered dish to Share, The 12/12 Step Book
Where:  Tierney Auditorium (Formerly Maris Stella) 50th and Ocean Drive, Avalon, NJ

Details:   There will be speakers for the 12 Steps, along with food and fellowship.  We will cover Steps 1 - 7 in the morning, break for lunch and a beach walk from 12:30 to 2, and then begin with Step 8 through 12 in the afternoon, early evening  is for fun!    AA Skit Planned and other fun things!  Bring a friend!!

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MAY 5,6,7 2017
At Woodward’s Resort
Lincoln, NH


Whole Weekend is only $190 per person D.O. or $265 Single

v  Includes Two night’s lodging (Friday & Saturday) at Woodward’s Inn of Lincoln or Woodward’s Resort.
v  Two breakfasts and Two lunches (Saturday & Sunday)
v  One dinner (Saturday).
v  NH Room Tax & Resort Fee.

For Flyer email Maddie

" Nueva Libertad, Nueva Alegría "
New Freedom, New Happiness

The Condado Plaza Hilton
San Juan, Puerto Rico

MAY 5, 6, 7

English Speaking Meetings Included

Van Devender Middle School                                                         918 31st St, Parkersburg, WV 26104

More Information:
Call Corey C. 304-834-5513 or Brandi B. 304-893-4018

Online registration for the 2017 AA Convention is now open!

Register Here!

June 23rd, 24th, 25th 2017
Presented by:
Worldly Traveled Big Book Technicians
Charlie P. and Katie P. from Austin Texas
A weekend adventure through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
you won’t want to miss.
LOCATION: Watson Homestead, 9620 Dry Run Rd. Painted Post N.Y.

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